Together towards a sustainable region

Sustainability. A word that has come to dominate our world over the past decade. The climate is changing faster than ever before and, we are running out of raw materials and fossil fuels. The consequences of these facts have a major impact on our society and on nature. More than ever, it is clear that the key to a better future is creating a sustainable world.


This world is our world. Our expertise allows us to create sustainable solutions to these complex issues. We recover raw materials from waste, biomass and the sun and produce heat, steam and electricity. We convert manure into green gas and raw materials to be used in agriculture. We capture CO2 and turn it into a raw material for greenhouse horticulture and industrial use. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and pioneering projects, we contribute to the developments our world needs to become sustainable.

Our world, our region
Locally, that is where we believe a sustainable world begins. As a public organisation, there is only one goal that we can profit from: a sustainable future for our region. Everything we do as an organisation contributes to this goal.

Together, Twence & …

Because we believe that the only way we can really make a difference, is if we do it together. Working together with shareholder municipalities, companies and educational institutions, we look for sustainable initiatives that directly contribute to a sustainable region. This region offers numerous opportunities, and we are committed to seizing them. Using our knowledge and expertise, we turn these opportunities into sustainable solutions. Not only by developing them ourselves, but also by advising, supporting and guiding others. By creating connections and pushing for change, we encourage others to contribute to a sustainable region as well.

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