Our innovations

At Twence, a sustainable, circular and bio-based society is paramount. Thanks to innovations and new technologies, we are able to bring more and more raw materials from waste and biomass back into the cycle. In addition, the energy yield from waste, biomass and the sun is also growing. This is how we are making an important contribution to the regional sustainability goals.

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Lines of development for innovations

Our contribution towards making the use and supply of energy more sustainable and making sure that more valuable raw materials are produced from waste and biomass has been worked out in three lines of development: Sustainable Energy, Circular Economy and Biobased Economy. This is where we are developing new ideas and where our innovations stem from. Whether it concerns the supply of heat, the production of new raw materials from manure or the recovery of metals for use in new products. They also contribute to our strategic choices:

  • Making an active and substantial contribution to the regional supply of sustainable energy.
  • Producing more valuable raw materials from waste and biomass and thereby closing the raw material cycles.

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