Sustainable energy

Our fossil raw materials are running out and are not sustainable either. This necessitates the development of alternatives to gas, oil and grey electricity. Twence is making a contribution to that development by producing renewable energy, such as electricity, biogas, hot water and steam. We bring that green energy to the rest of the region: via the electricity grid, steam pipelines or the regional heat network.

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How do we produce sustainable energy?

We produce energy from waste and the sun. Every day, 350-500 truckloads of waste cross over our weighbridge. This waste contains vegetable, fruit and garden waste, household residual waste, non-reusable wood waste, bulky household waste and construction- and demolition waste. We process this in our facilities to produce raw materials and energy, through sorting, capture, composting & fermentation and incineration, among other things.

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Sustainable energy: steam and hot water

A lot of heat is released during our treatment processes, enough for 100,000 households. For example, in our waste-to-energy plant and our biomass power plant. You can read about how this works in Our processes. The heat we supply is made up of hot water or steam. We supply the hot water to heat networks, for example, to Enschede and Hengelo. In Enschede and Hengelo, we heat around 10,000 households and are making regional industry more sustainable. We have more heat to offer and are now investigating the options for a Regional Heat Network. For example, for many years we have been supplying steam to Nobian for the evaporation of brine, and from 2022, heat will be supplied to Grolsch for heating buildings and heating their pasteurisers and rinsing machines. With our heat, households and industrial companies will be able to do away with gas.

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Sustainable energy: electricity

In addition to heat and steam, Twence also produces sustainable electricity for around 135,800 households every year. This electricity is generated by, among other things, the energy that is released in our biomass power plant, waste-to-energy plant and our composting & fermentation plant. You can read about how this works in Our processes. We also produce electricity from the sun. We have three solar parks on our own land, solar parks Tienbunderweg and Boeldershoek-West and solar park t' Rikkerink. At the moment we are working hard to build a solar park at Energy Park Elhorst-Vloedbelt.


135,800 households
The electricity generated by Twence is equivalent to the average electricity consumption of 135,800 households.
62,500 households
The heat generated by Twence is equivalent to the average energy consumption of 62,500 households.
100% green!
The sustainable energy from our solar parks, biomass power plant and bioconversion plants is 100% green! More than half of the energy from our energy-from-waste plant is sustainable.

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