Twence and ENGIE Sign for Solar Farm ’t Rikkerink

We are one step closer to the realisation of solar farm ’t Rikkerink on the former landfill in Hof van Twente. Twence director Marc Kapteijn and Freddy de Boer, general director of ENGIE Services Noord, signed the contract for the construction and maintenance of the 12.5MW farm. ENGIE will complete the solar farm in the summer of 2021.

Overeenkomst Rikkerink

'With over 29,000 panels, the solar farm will generate electricity for about 4,000 households,' Marc Kapteijn explains. 'This way, a former landfill will be turned into a sustainable energy station that will contribute to the energy transition and reducing CO2 emissions.' ENGIE will build the solar farm and will also be responsible for maintenance and monitoring for the coming 15 years. 'We're excited about the experience ENGIE brings to the table when it comes to building solar farms.'

Making the Twente Region More Sustainable
'We see Twence as a natural partner in the energy transition. Together, we've been working to make the Twente region more sustainable for a number of years. For us, it's a logical next step to further shaping the sustainable relationship between Twence and ENGIE and its environment by realising this solar farm,' tells Freddy de Boer of ENGIE.

Energy Production Will Start in 2021
Two sealant layers have now been applied to the former landfill ’t Rikkerink. The third and final layer will be added in 2020. These sealant layers help to prevent precipitation from seeping through the landfill, while also providing a foundation for the solar farm that will be constructed. The forested embankments of the landfill will ensure that the solar farm will fit well into the existing landscape. As was done with the work during the sealing operations, local residents are actively involved with the construction of the solar farm. Twence will start operating the solar farm in the summer of 2021.

Pictured: Marc Kapteijn of Twence (left) and Freddy de Boer of ENGIE Services Noord.