Cooperation in the chain

Making things sustainable is something you do together. Especially when the task is as huge as it is now. We are working with our chain partners, knowledge institutes and innovative companies on sustainable energy and a circular economy.

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Exploring and innovating together

Cooperation is essential in order to realise sustainability. We share our expertise and let ourselves be inspired. We are constantly exploring new opportunities for innovation. With Mineral Valley Twente, we want to improve the soil in Twente and reduce the manure surplus. In the Volatile project, we are endeavouring to extract fatty acids from VFG waste. Partnerships such as the National Nutriƫnt platform, National Composting Day and Waste2Aromatics bring our ambitions one step closer as well.

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Together with education

Top tech talent is scarce. Without highly skilled tech professionals, it will be difficult to undertake the next step in the energy transition. Which is why we invest in training technical talent. We do this in a variety of ways. For instance, we are partners in the Praktijkcentrum Procestechnologie (PCPT, practical training centre for process technology ), an initiative aimed at getting students interested in studying process technology. We talk about career opportunities, receive students at our company and contribute to the education programme. We also welcome students from Saxion and the University of Twente to our company. And of course, interns, trainees, graduates and people who want to gain work experience are more than welcome too! Read more about Working at Twence.

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Together with stakeholder organisations

Twence regularly consults with stakeholders and local residents, such as Vereniging Behoud Twekkelo (Hengelo location) and Natuur en Milieu Enschede, Hengelo en Overijssel. But also town councils and (business) associations. We talk about our activities, plans and our integration into the environment. Apart from that, we also meet our 'neighbours' in several sounding board groups. And, of course, we will have personal conversations with people and organisations if the situation calls for it.

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Together with the sector

We think it is important to make our voices heard and to pool our strengths. Whether it is about national legislation and regulations or brainstorming together about social interests in the region. This is why our managers and employees sit on the boards of various social and sector organisations. For instance, you will bump into us at Belangenvereniging Industrieterrein Twentekanaal, Bio-energiecluster Oost Nederland, Vereniging Afvalbedrijven, Nederlandse Vereniging van ReinigingsDirecteuren and various nature, environmental and educational organisations.

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