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Making today and tomorrow sustainable. That's what we stand for! We are doing everything we can to harness as much raw materials and energy as possible out of waste and the sun. Sustainability is not something that we can do alone. Together with municipalities, businesses and cooperation partners, we have the developmental strength to make the entire region greener.

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Our vision and mission: Together, we are making the region sustainable


It is our conviction that a far-reaching reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and frugal use of our natural resources are imperative for a healthy and sustainable living environment. Raw materials in materials and products remain part of the cycle and for all products from fossil sources there is a sustainable alternative. In the future, energy will be generated entirely from renewable sources.


Twence has a unifying and active role in the development of a circular economy in the (EU) region and, together with its partners, is investing in the transition to a sustainable society. Twence is committed to ensuring that the maximum amount of valuable materials are conserved in the cycle. We produce raw materials and energy (carriers) from waste, biomass, residual streams and other renewable sources.

We do this in a chain-oriented way, with passion, and in an innovative and commercially responsible manner. We connect public value with entrepreneurship, respect for humankind and the environment, and we contribute to making society more sustainable in general and to achieving the sustainability goals of our shareholders in particular.

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Sustainability company

As a partner in the circular chain, Twence is making a significant contribution to the (regional) energy and raw materials transition. We are taking steps towards achieving a sustainable society together with our shareholders and chain partners. Our ambition over the coming years is to further strengthen our (EU)regional position as a sustainability company. We have set out the course to achieve this in our Strategic Policy Plan for 2020-2023. Meanwhile, we have been on the right track for some time now and are already reaping the rewards from our efforts.

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Sustainable energy and more valuable raw materials

In order to achieve our ambition, we are focusing on two strategic lines:

  • Making an active and substantial contribution to the regional supply of sustainable energy.
  • Producing more valuable raw materials from waste and biomass to close the raw materials cycles.

In doing this, we expect that Twence will continue to develop under its own steam in the future, with the trust of our public shareholders and the cooperation of our chain partners.

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Strategic projects

We are working on a number of strategic and large-scale projects to turn our ambitions into reality. These projects must achieve the envisaged growth in order to play a role that is significant on a regional as well as a national level. Current projects are:

These are large-scale projects that place considerable demands on our organisation. To make these projects successful, we are improving our existing operational management via Operational Excellence, optimising the synergy between our facilities focusing on flexible employees and better positioning ourselves as an attractive employer so that we can recruit and contract well-trained people.

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