New rules on wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

From 1 March 2023, new rules on wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will apply at Twence.

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Why are the rules on wearing PPE being reinforced?
At Twence, we are committed to working safely. The current policy has been revised in response to new legal requirements, new insights into our risks and modified PPE techniques and material types.

PPE is used when source measures, technical facilities or organisational measures do not provide sufficient or no protection against occupational hazards. These protective devices include high-visibility outerwear, safety shoes, safety helmets, safety glasses, but also, for example, work clothing.

What will change as of 1 March 2023
The new PPE policy includes a number of changes, including the sharpening and extension of PPE obligations. Key changes include:

  1. It is compulsory to wear long-sleeved clothing in all plants. There is no longer any distinction in the work you perform.
  2. When walking on our premises, you must wear high-visibility outerwear, also within the yellow lines. For example, a yellow vest or safety jacket.
  3. When walking on our premises outside the yellow lines, you must wear safety shoes and a safety helmet in addition to your high-visibility outerwear.
  4. In certain plant areas, such as the Wastewater Treatment Room/Dual Alkali, multinorm workwear is mandatory for everyone. Such clothing protects against multiple hazards.
  5. In certain plant sections, such as the C&V, MVI, SOI and TAS, wearing safety glasses is mandatory (at the AEC, BEC and Empyro, this requirement is already in place).

From March 1st, compliance with the new rules will be monitored closely and you may be called to account if you fail to comply with the new obligations.

Do you have questions about the new PPE policy?
Feel free to contact our safety expert Egon Schreven. Send an e-mail to v&