Safety, Quality and Environment

We are working on making our region more sustainable. Safety, quality and consideration for the environment are thereby high on our agenda.

Click here for the safety film and the test.


Working safely with an eye for quality and the environment

It is our ambition to become the sustainability company for the (eu)region. This is why we set high standards for ourselves, our plants and our cooperation partners. The impact on the environment also plays an important role herein. That is why we work in a safe way or we do not work at all. We commit ourselves to internal and external quality standards, whereby we have a continuous drive to keep improving. And we believe it is important to comply with existing laws and regulations. With one aim: to contribute to a safe and sustainable society.


We work in a safe way or we do not work at all. That is our guiding principle. Our 'Golden Safety Rules' are predicated on this. Everyone who works at or for Twence is familiar with the safety and work instructions and are all provided with personal protective equipment. We also hold each other accountable for our behaviour and we are continuously working on improving ways to prevent unsafe situations. Employees are able to report any damage or unsafe or environmentally-damaging situations via a reporting system. This way, we can prevent situations that could potentially lead to incidents.
Employees of companies that get to work at Twence must be in possession of a valid identity document (passport, ID card or work permit) and a valid VCA diploma.

Safety film and test

Twence sets high standards when it comes to working safely. Before you can enter our site as a (new) employee or before you start working in the various plants, you are required to watch the safety film first. In addition, you must have successfully completed the accompanying safety test. Click here for the safety film and the test.

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Quality & compliance

Within Twence, we work with an integral management system in which all the business processes are described. All risks, obligations and relevant laws and regulations have also been defined within this system. We carry out audits in order to screen our quality and risk management. To keep the quality of our facilities and business processes running as optimally and up to date as possible, we standardise our work processes wherever possible. By doing this, we are not only guaranteeing the safety of our people and plants, but we are also looking at how we can work step by step in a smarter, better and cleaner way.

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Eye for the environment

We are convinced that the protection of the living environment can go hand in hand with the development of our business. We look carefully at how we can conserve or strengthen nature. We have mapped out the flora and fauna that are present at our locations and we have FSC certification for responsible and sustainable management of the surrounding forests. We constantly assess our business operations against relevant quality standards and laws and regulations concerning environmental issues. We do our utmost to limit any disturbances to the surrounding area. Because our activities are complex and very diverse, a large number of government inspection services regularly carry out checks on us. And we are delighted about that! Together, we create a pleasant living environment where there is room for everyone.

For more information about our environmental and social commitments, please refer to the Sustainable Development Goals. More information about our most recent environmental results can be found in our annual report.

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