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Koninklijke Grolsch aims to be a fully climate-neutral brewery by 2025. Twence is contributing to that goal by providing sustainable energy in the form of hot water.

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Why should we supply Grolsch with heat?

In an effort to achieve a climate-neutral brewery, Koninklijke Grolsch is looking for sustainable energy sources. Twence is able to supply 100% green energy in the form of hot water. Grolsch uses the heat from this water to heat up pasteurisers and rinsing machines and to heat the buildings. Grolsch saves 3 million cubic metres of natural gas every year this way. This is equal to the average CO2 emissions of 1,800 households.

Contribution to regional sustainability

Sustainable energy is the energy of the future. Twence is investing heavily in the supply of sustainable energy. One of these investments is the construction of heat pipelines to companies that have a high demand for heating or cooling. The heat that we supply is produced from non-reusable waste wood (biomass), and is therefore entirely generated in a green way. Meanwhile, we are already supplying heat in the form of steam to Nobian (formerly Nouryon). And we are installing a heat pipeline to Koninklijke Grolsch in Enschede. Apart from that, we supply heat to households in Enschede and Hengelo via the heat network.

How does heat supply work in practice?

The hot water that we will be supplying Grolsch with is produced at our biomass power plant. The fuel for our biomass power plant is made up of non-reusable waste wood, which is recovered from construction and demolition, among other sources. At the power plant, we convert this biomass into sustainable electricity, steam and hot water. Via an existing pipeline network, the hot water flows to the Ennatuurlijk cogeneration plant (Marssteden Enschede). From there, the water goes to households in Enschede. For the supply to Grolsch, a new underground pipeline running from the cogeneration plant is being laid under the A35 motorway. This is how Grolsch will be supplied with sustainable heat from Twence.


CO2 neutraal
Climate-neutral brewery in 2025
By switching over to sustainable heat from Twence, the climate-neutral brewery for Grolsch is drawing closer. Together, we are making a fine contribution to the ambitions for our region.
Aardgas reductie
Savings on natural gas consumption
Grolsch cuts back on the use of 3 million cubic metres of natural gas each year.
CO2 reductie
Reduction of CO2 emissions
The savings in natural gas consumption results in a reduction in CO2 emissions. This CO2 reduction is equivalent to the emissions of 1,800 households per year.

Planning Heat supply Grolsch

1 February 2017
2 October 2021
3 March 2022
4 End 2022

Exploring opportunities for collaboration

In 2017, Grolsch and Twence launched a study on how energy from Twence can be used to make Grolsch more sustainable. That eventually resulted in a contract for the supply of heat in April 2020.

Permits issued

The technical challenges and routing study were hammered out in 2020. Grolsch and Twence collaborated on this. With this information, the permits can now be applied for.

Laying the heat pipeline

We will start laying the underground pipeline and build a branch from the Ennatuurlijk cogeneration plant. The realisation phase will start in March 2022 and will be completed at the end of 2022.

Heat pipeline in operation

The first heat will be delivered once the heat pipeline has been laid, and all the tests have been carried out, and the projects at Grolsch have been completed so that the heat can be received. Grolsch is with this connection another step closer to a climate-neutral brewery.

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"Thanks to our intensive collaboration, Grolsch will soon be able to switch from heat from their gas-fired boilers to heat generated entirely by Twence."

Arnaud-Jan Nijenhuis, Project Manager Twence
Koert vant Hof Grolsch

"When I tell my international colleagues about the project and our collaboration with Twence, they are very impressed."

Koert van ’t Hof, Director Corporate Affairs Koninklijke Grolsch
Tijs de Bree Provincie Overijssel

"Twence and Grolsch have demonstrated willpower and are consequently saving an enormous amount of energy and CO2 emissions. A fantastic contribution to pushing back the use of natural gas in Overijssel. Let this be an example for other companies with residual heat or a demand for heat."

Tijs de Bree, Representative of the province of Overijssel

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