Province of Overijssel approves provincial government-imposed zoning plan amendment for the construction of a manure valorisation plant

The Overijssel Provincial Council has approved the provincial government-imposed zoning plan amendment (PIP), prepared to facilitate the construction of the manure valorisation plant at Elhorst-Vloedbelt. Twence's project ran into a roadblock when the Council of State cancelled the environmental permit at the end of 2017. However, the Province of Overijssel considered the manure valorisation plant to be of such social importance that it decided to prepare a provincial government-imposed zoning plan amendment (PIP) designed to grant the permit after all. The PIP was approved today, which means that the permit has now been granted.

Mestverwaardinsinstallatie Zenderen Twence thumb

Twence is very happy about this decision. Director Marc Kapteijn: “We now have all the required permits to construct the plant. A plant that will produce biogas for 3,000 households, recover scarce raw materials and process a quarter of the region’s manure surplus. As such the plant will make a major contribution to the realisation of the sustainability goals and the retention of a vital countryside. The plant consequently seamlessly fits into Twence’s ambition of producing more renewable energy and recovering raw materials.”

Project Manager Andy Roeloffzen adds: “After years of planning we are now in a position to start up the site preparation process. We assume that we will need to adhere to a Council of State procedure, but expect to be able to hold our groundbreaking ceremony in the autumn. We will need this time to make the necessary site preparations. The project team is itching to bring the project to the next phase.”