Green light for manure processing plant in Zenderen

This morning, the Council of State gave a positive statement on the construction of a manure processing plant at Elhorst-Vloedbelt in Zenderen. This means that construction is expected to start at the beginning of 2021 and the plant will be operational by the spring of 2022.

Mestverwaardinsinstallatie Zenderen Twence thumb

"We are very pleased with this decision because it makes the actual creation of the plant, after years of preparation and intense cooperation, possible. All lights are green", said managing director Marc Kapteijn.

100% circular agriculture
With this plant, 250,000 m3 of manure can be processed, which is a significant portion of the regional manure surplus. This will create green gas for 3,000 homes and scarce resources can be recovered: it is 100% circular agriculture. This is an important step towards sustainability in the region!

Twence: sustainable partner for resources and energy
Our society produces a lot of waste. Waste that we can use here at Twence. We are a waste processor with a sustainable mission: we want to bring all waste and biomass back into the cycle by turning it all into resources and energy. This way we will make an important contribution to a circular economy and a sustainable society. Manure is one of the biomass flows that we can process. By processing it, we can offer a reliable and lasting solution to pig farmers in the region.