Manure processing plant in Twence officially opened

Today, the manure processing plant in Twence officially opened. Part of the regional pig manure surplus will be processed here into new raw materials and energy. In other words, 100% circular agriculture. Twence is thereby making an important contribution to future-proof agriculture, resolving the nitrogen issue and reducing CO2. In doing this, Twence is helping to advance the circular economy and energy transition.


In Twente and parts of Salland and the Achterhoek, there are around 975 pig farms that have a significant manure surplus. By having a portion of this surplus processed, Twence is providing a reliable and long-term solution to pig farmers in the region.

Contribution to energy targets
Every year, 250,000 tonnes of pig manure will be processed. The biogas produced from the fermentation silos will be captured and converted into green gas for 3,000 households. Tijs de Bree, representative for the province of Overijssel. “Twence took on the responsibility of making green gas from manure years ago. If you look at this from today's perspective, you could say that Twence already saw the urgency of it back then. The desire to free ourselves of dependency on natural gas has never been as strong and tangible as it is now, so alternatives in the form of green gas are more than welcome. Twence is making a terrific contribution here to our energy targets.”

Climate and environmental improvements
In addition to the production of energy, scarce raw materials such as phosphate and potassium fertiliser are also recovered. These replacements for artificial fertilisers are used in circular agriculture and contribute to an improved mineral balance and healthier soil. The ammonia water extracted from the manure is used to reduce nitrogen emissions at the Twence Waste-to-Energy Plant. Manure is 90% water, which will be purified during the process and returned to nature. This avoids a lot of transport kilometres and improves water quality.

Model project
“The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) is looking for solutions for the challenges we face in the areas of Nature, Water and Climate. This manure processing plant is a model project for provinces and municipalities, showing that manure processing can contribute to the major challenges we are facing in rural areas,” according to Floris Wolf, management team member and in charge of the manure policy portfolio within the Ministry of LNV.

Together towards a sustainable region
Marc Kapteijn, managing director Twence: “I am overjoyed that, after years of preparation, we have opened our plant today. After all, Twence can and wants to play an important role in regional sustainability. We are a company with a sustainable mission: we want to bring all waste and biomass back into the cycle by turning it into valuable raw materials and energy. This is how we will make an important contribution to a circular economy and a sustainable society."