Cogas, Ennatuurlijk and Twence join forces. Investigating a regional heating network

Twente has the ambition to be an energy neutral region by 2050. Municipalities work together with the corporate world in order to develop Twente as a heating region. Through a soon to be realized heating network in Twente, households in the region can be offered a sustainable and affordable alternative for the current gas connection. Cogas, Ennatuurlijk and Twence are investigating this opportunity together, and have signed an intention agreement.


Sustainable alternative
During the previous year, large steps have been taken together with the Regional Energy Strategy Twente. The frameworks have been outlined for the heating in the region. Municipalities and the corporate world are setting up a solid sustainability plan, which is in line with the climate agreement. Cogas, Ennatuurlijk and Twence, each from their own knowledge and expertise, are investigating the realisation and exploitation of a regional heating network. This intention agreement means a big leap forward in the energy transition.

Step by step
The three parties are investigating the different roles and the technical and financial feasibility of a regional heating network. It is important that alignment takes place within the region. Discussions with municipalities, housing corporations and larger buyers are underway to realise this joint task. This way, sustainability of the region can be realised together.