2nd Phase of Covering ’t Rikkerink Started

This week began the transport of bottom ash and classifier sand, which are needed for the second phase of covering ’t Rikkerink. The materials are mostly transported to ’t Rikkerink over water, where they will be processed into a certified, concrete-like building material. It will be used to cover the 16-hectare former landfill.

Afdekken Rikkerink

The cover layer will ensure that soil water pollution underneath the landfill is not fed further by precipitation contaminated by waste. The pollution does not put people or animals at risk, but it is preferable that it will disappear over time. By sealing the top of the landfill, this remediation becomes possible. In addition, it creates a good foundation layer for a future solar farm.

The first cover layer was applied in the second half of 2018. We expect that the work will be completed in November of this year. A third and final layer will be added in 2020. The embankments are not covered. For the groundwater remediation, it is not necessary to also seal the embankments. It also looks better to cover these embankments in forest.