Opening solar park 't Rikkerink

The official opening of solar park 't Rikkerink was held today in Ambt Delden. This solar park comprises 28,500 solar panels that generate green electricity for around 4,350 households. This is giving the former landfill site a second lease of life. With this solar park, Twence is making an important contribution to the regional ambition to generate 20% of its energy consumption from renewable sources by 2023.

Opening Rikkerink Twence M COX 5787

Twence is not just a waste processor but also a source of raw materials and energy. "We are doing everything we can to extract as many raw materials and energy as possible from waste, biomass and the sun. “The solar farm will contribute to the energy transition and to reducing CO 2 emissions in our region. This is how a landfill site becomes a sustainable energy supply," says Marc Kapteijn, general manager.

Regional landfill site
At the end of the 1960s, the cooperating municipalities in Twente decided to dispose of waste in a 'controlled' manner. And that's how 't Rikkerink became one of the two regional landfill sites. Between 1969 and 1986, approximately 4 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste, household waste and industrial waste were dumped in a controlled manner by the municipalities of Twente. The landfill has not been used since 1986 and was permanently capped off in 1989.

Solar park
In order to turn the site into a solar park, the upper surface of the 32 football pitches-large terrain needed to be covered with a waterproof sealed layer. A special building material was developed for this purpose, consisting of our own residual and end products, among other things, to complete the recycling circuit. The foundation for the solar park was laid at the beginning of this year. Since then, 28,500 solar panels have been installed and around 4,350 households can now be supplied with green electricity.

Under the watchful eye of the project team, cooperation partners, local residents and shareholders, the park was opened by Marc Kapteijn and alderman Meulenkamp from the Hof van Twente municipality.

Twence is keen to contribute to the energy transition within the shareholder municipalities. Which is why it opted for local participation. Local energy cooperatives Energie Coöperatie Hof van Twente (ECHT) and Hof van Twente op Rozen are each participating in this park with more than 900 solar panels. This means that everyone in the postal code area can contribute to a sustainable Twente.

In conclusion, Marc Kapteijn says: "Together with our shareholders and partners, we will take the steps that are needed in the coming years to make the region more sustainable."