Nouryon uses Twence’s green energy to improve the sustainability of its salt production

Nouryon’s salt production in Hengelo will become more sustainable through the supply of sustainable steam from Twence’s biomass power plant. The two companies today signed an agreement to this effect in the presence of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, and the Province of Overijssel. This will enable Nouryon to save approx. 50,000 metric tonnes of CO2 per year – the equivalent of the emissions produced by 400 million passenger car kilometres.

Groene stroom

Knut Schwalenberg, Chairman of the Board of Nouryon Nederland: “The salt produced in Hengelo is indispensable to the Dutch and German industry, but its production requires a lot of heat. This is why we are fully committed to green energy and view the partnership with Twence as an important step in making our processes and products more sustainable.”

Marc Kapteijn, Director Twence: “The fact that Nouryon now will be using steam that is fully produced using biomass is a great development. As such we are taking a next step in our long-term partnership. This way we can help Nouryon, as well as other companies, drastically reduce their natural gas consumption and together work on the sustainable development of the region.”

The new agreement signed by both companies is also supported by the province. Member of the Provincial Executive Annemieke Traag: “The agreements made by Nouryon and Twence make a significant contribution to the collective Province of Overijssel targets of 20% new energy by 2023 and energy-neutral by 2050. With this agreement, Twence once again shows that it is playing a solid role in the energy transition in Twente.”

Since 2011, Twence has been supplying steam from its energy from waste plant through a pipeline to Nouryon in Hengelo. Over half of the steam, which is used to evaporate brine for salt production, qualifies as sustainable due to the high biogenic content of the mixed (municipal) waste. Since the renovated biomass power plant was commissioned, Twence is also able to supply one hundred percent green generated steam.

Nouryon thus is taking a next step in making its business processes sustainable. Due to the steam supplied by Twence, Nouryon annually saves between 60 to 80 million cubic metres of natural gas, the equivalent of the average consumption of approximately 33,000-45,000 households.

The heat from Twence’s biomass power plant is also supplied to the district heating network in Enschede and the steam is available to companies with high heating and cooling needs in the nearby surroundings. For example, the energy can be used for cooling, heating buildings or for industrial process heat.