Extremely good results for Twence in 2018

On 25 April 2019, the General Meeting of Shareholders adopted the Annual Financial Report of Twence Holding B.V. We posted a positive net profit (after tax) of € 14.5 million for 2018. Almost half of the turnover of € 105.1 million comes from the sale of raw materials and energy.

Financieel Jaarverslag 2018

Close to a million tonnes of waste and biomass crossed our weighbridges in 2018. Almost all of this material was converted into reusable materials, raw materials and energy. In addition, we also produced solar energy. In total we supplied over 2.2 PetaJoules of heat and steam for district heating and making industrial heat consumption more environmentally friendly. In terms of household consumption, that is enough power for the annual consumption of 48,000 households. The 1.6 PetaJoules of electricity we supplied to the public grid in 2018 was sufficient for approximately 147,000 households.

The highlights of 2018 were the opening of a second solar farm, the reopening of the fully renovated biomass power plant and the acquisition of BTG-BTL’s pyrolysis plant Empyro. “We have been the largest renewable energy producer in the Province of Overijssel for years and we invest heavily to maintain that position,” Twence’s Director Dr Marc Kapteijn said.

A low point was the night of 30 June, when a fire broke out in a large pile of waste temporarily stored at a location set aside for this purpose on one of our landfills. Large parts of the region were adversely affected due to the smoke development associated with the fire. We spoke to all of the affected parties, looking for a suitable solution and compensating financial losses wherever necessary. After discussing the matter with the supervisory authorities and emergency services, we made an exhaustive analysis of the fire and introduced measures for improvement.

For 2019, we likewise anticipate positive results. Work on the construction of a manure valorisation plant in Zenderen will begin before the end of the year. Twence is continuing to evolve as a supplier of raw materials by launching projects involving the capture and useful reuse of CO2 and the extraction of valuable materials from biomass. “We will continue to increase our contribution to the sustainability of the Euregion in the coming years. To do that, it’s crucial that we work closely with municipalities, grid companies, the industrial sector, housing corporations and other relevant parties,” Marc Kapteijn adds. “We can offer a sustainable alternative to natural gas and together we can ensure that it reaches those places where it’s needed.”

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