Solar Park Elhorst-Vloedbelt

On our Elhorst-Vloedbelt site, a former landfill site in Zenderen, we are busy developing a solar park. Within a few years this solar park will generate sustainable electricity for 3,800 households.

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Why opt for a solar park?

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to make optimum use of sites to generate energy. The Elhorst-Vloedbelt site is no longer used for dumping waste. This site in Zenderen has more than enough space to install a solar farm. The solar park will have a surface area of 10 hectares. That amounts to about 20 football fields. The solar panels will produce 13.5 million kWh of sustainable electricity per year. This is enough to provide electricity for around 3,800 households.

Contribution to regional sustainability

With the Elhorst-Vloedbelt solar park, Twence is making an important contribution to the regional ambition to generate 20% of the energy it consumes in a sustainable way by 2023. The solar park is in keeping with the ambition of Twence to be a regional sustainability company. One of the things we are focusing on is sustainable energy. After all, the more sustainable energy that is generated and used, the less natural gas will be needed and the lower the emissions of harmful substances will be, such as CO2.

We are also constructing a manure valorisation plant at the same location in Zenderen. This facility converts manure into valuable raw materials and energy and returns 100% of the raw materials back into the cycle. This way, Elhorst-Vloedbelt is making a special contribution to regional sustainability in a variety of ways.

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How does a solar farm work?

A solar farm is a field filled with solar panels. These solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. The electricity is then fed into the electricity grid. The electricity reaches households and businesses via the electricity grid. At the Elhorst-Vloedbelt solar park, we use part of the electricity that is generated there for the manure valorisation plant on the site.


Electricity for 3,800 households
10 hectare = 27,000 solar panels = green electricity for 3,800 households.
Eigen energie
Energy for in-house operational processes
Besides the electricity that we supply to the grid, we also use 20% of the energy for our new manure valorisation plant.
Contribution to regional sustainability
With this solar park, we are contributing to the regional sustainability goals that have been set.

This is what the solar park will look like

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The former Elhorst-Vloedbelt landfill site is in a rural area. The solar park fits nicely into this landscape and is barely visible due to the afforestation.

Realisation planning for Solar Park Elhorst-Vloedbelt

1 November 2020
2 December 2020
3 Sept. - Dec. 2021
4 Spring 2022
5 Summer 2023

Informing the surrounding community

Twence is announcing to local residents and other interested parties in the area that it plans to build a solar park on the Elhorst-Vloedbelt site. The suggestions and ideas of those in the surrounding area will be included in the permit application.

Permit application submission

The permit application has been submitted to the Gedeputeerde Staten (Provincial Executive) of the province of Overijssel.

Exploring cooperation and involvement

Twence is holding talks with local residents, local energy cooperatives and other stakeholders in the area about cooperation and involvement in the Elhorst-Vloedbelt solar farm.

Start of the construction of the solar park

The construction of the solar park commences. Approximately 27,000 solar panels will be installed on the 10-hectare site.

Solar park in operation

The solar park will be put into operation in summer 2023 and will produce green energy for 3,800 households each year.

Sjors Geraedts Twence

"In all our innovations, we attach great value to a sustainable relationship with the environment. For instance, we are keen to offer neighbouring residents the opportunity to be involved in the solar park."

Sjors Geraedts, Project Manager

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