Twence records positive result for 2020

The annual financial report of Twence Holding B.V. was established at the shareholders' meeting on 22 April 2021. Net sales for 2020 amounted to €115.2 million with a positive result (after tax) of €10.8 million. For financial statement technical reasons, this result has in the annual report been split into the 2020 result (€8.8 million) and retroactively the year 2019 (€2.0 million). The influences of COVID-19 have affected both the financial situation and operations. However, due to adequate measures, the impact has been limited.

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More household, less commercial waste
In 2020, 902,000 tons of waste and biomass passed through the weighbridges. Because of COVID-19, the composition of the waste in 2020 was different. Less business waste was delivered, while the supply of household waste increased.

Sustainable partner for raw materials and energy
In our society, we still produce a lot of waste. Waste that we, at Twence, can do something about. After all, we are a waste processor with a sustainable mission: we want to keep all waste and biomass in the cycle by turning it into valuable raw materials and energy. In this way, we are making an important contribution to a circular economy and a sustainable society, and we are supporting shareholder municipalities in achieving their sustainability goals.

Major steps towards regional sustainability
In 2020, Twence will have taken major steps towards regional sustainability by supplying heat and electricity and producing valuable raw materials from waste. For example, with municipalities and businesses, Twence is working on a regional heating grid that will eventually provide sustainable heating to some 100,000 homes and businesses. In addition, Twence has supplied 36,000 MWh of electricity to the public utilities in 10 municipalities in Twente. This is comparable to the energy consumption of 12,850 households. In 2020, the solar parks provided green electricity for another 5,500 households, and this number will only increase over the years to come. The most recent development has been the construction of the manure processing plant in Zenderen, which can process 250,000 tons of pig manure. This will produce green gas for 3,000 households and recover scarce raw materials: in other words, 100% circular agriculture. These are all initiatives that contribute to the Regional Energy Strategy Twente (REST) and the sustainability ambitions of our shareholder municipalities.

In total, 533 GWh of sustainable heating and 169 GWh of sustainable electricity were supplied in 2020. This is comparable to the consumption of 198,300 households.

Marc Kapteijn: “We have worked hard to create a fertile soil together with all shareholders and partners. A soil in which projects are given a solid foundation and new initiatives are born. We will continue to grow and will harvest in parts so that we can continue to contribute to a sustainable and circular society in the future.”

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