Twence Books Positive Result for 2019

In the shareholders' meeting of 16 April 2020, the annual financial report of Twence Holding B.V. was determined. For 2019, Twence booked a positive net result (after taxes) of €11.8 million. 42% of the turnover of €116.8 million consist of the yield of raw materials and energy.

Jaarverslag 2019

In 2019, almost 900,000 tonnes of waste and biomass passed our weighbridges. Almost all this material was converted into useable materials and energy. In total, Twence supplied 700 GWh worth of heat and steam for district heating and industrial heating, equivalent to the annual consumption of 57,300 households. In addition, Twence supplied energy from its solar farms. 479 GWh of green electricity has been supplied to the public grid, enough for about 171,000 households.

The market was very active in 2019. Twence continued to focus on supplying sustainable forms of energy and producing raw materials from waste and biomass. 'We collect metals from the waste, for instance, use the ash that is left over after incineration as a sand and gravel replacement, and use selected compost as a soil improver for agriculture. We have made Nouryon's salt production more sustainable with steam from Twence and four municipalities in Twente get green electricity. The supply of sustainable heat from biomass, which heats about 8,000 homes and businesses in Enschede, was even awarded with the title of 'Most Sustainable Heat Network in the Netherlands'. A wonderful achievement,' says Marc Kapteijn, director of Twence.

Another highlight was the start of the communal collaboration between the shareholders of Twence and Münster. 2019 had one low point as well, unfortunately. Twence suffered a fire in the composting installation.

The coronacrisis will certainly leave its mark in 2020. Despite that, we expect positive results. With all partners in the chain and with the faith of our shareholders. A pilot installation, for capturing and liquefying CO2, is being realised. We also expect to drive the first pile for the manure refinement installation in Zenderen. We are rebuilding our Composting and fermentation installation. And we wish to contribute to the heat and steam supply for district heating networks and large-scale industrial users in Twente. Marc Kapteijn: 'We believe that we can make the region more sustainable together. By investing in collaboration, making a joint effort and working for our wonderful company with professionalism and passion.'

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