Another four eagle owls born on Twence’s site

Another four eagle owls will soon fly away at Twence. This is a rarely occurring protected animal species in the Netherlands. It is therefore very special that the now permanent eagle owl couple once again raised four young owls in a 'well-stocked' nest. Over a period of ten years, this couple has produced twenty five offspring, while in 2008 there were as yet no eagle owls in Twente.


In ten years’ time twenty five eagle owl offspring for Twente.
The protected eagle owl, the largest owl species in the world, is a rare occurrence in the Netherlands. There are approximately twenty nesting couples. In 2011, the only nesting couple in Twente was discovered on Twence’s site. A special nesting box was built for these eagle owls and installed at an attractive spot on the site. Since then, the Twente eagle owls’ descendants have been steadily growing and now already count twenty five offspring.

Around September the young are forced to look after themselves independently. They have access to an attractive food palette on and around the Twence sites. The eagle owl is known to stick to its home-base and a couple is likely to stay in the same spot for years. Their life expectancy in the wild is 30 years.

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