Solar energy generation

Twence is fulfilling an important role in the regional energy transition. Through the development of solar parks, we are generating solar energy on a large scale and supplying sustainable energy in the form of electricity to the region.

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Solar energy generation is the future

We invest in solar parks in order to make good use of the most direct source of energy that we know of - the sun. We at Twence own several solar parks. With three solar parks (Boeldershoek-West, Tienbunderweg and 't Rikkerink), we now produce green electricity for 12,000 households on an annual basis. The development of the fourth Elhorst-Vloedbelt solar park near Zenderen is also well under way. Together, these four solar parks generate green power equivalent to the energy consumption of around 17,100 households.

Regional Energy Strategy

By developing solar parks, Twence is making a key contribution to the ambition of the Province of Overijssel to generate 20% of its energy in a sustainable way by 2023. And we are contributing to the Regional Energy Strategy for Twente (REST).

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Solar energy supply

The current three Twence solar parks, with a total surface area of 28 football fields, house nearly 70,000 solar panels that capture sunlight and convert it into green electricity. We sell the generated power to an energy supplier or (local) energy cooperative that then supplies it to households and companies via the electricity grid.

Solar parks where we generate solar energy

Twence supplies sustainable energy to the region, among other ways, by building solar parks. You can see below which solar parks we have already built or which are in the pipeline, and what the benefits are.


17,000 households
The four solar parks provide enough solar energy for the energy needs of 17,000 households.
Nieuwe bestemming
Sustainable use of land
When it comes to solar parks, land is often put to use that is not very suitable for any other use. The land is used sustainably by allowing sheep to graze there.
Increased biodiversity
A solar park lasts about 25 years and the area is rarely disturbed by the public. Nature is free to do as it pleases. So that's great for the biodiversity!

Our solar parks are providing sustainable energy!

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