Recovering fatty acids

Can we extract fatty acids from vegetable, fruit and garden (VGF) waste and reuse these? We are researching whether we can recover it to bring it back into the cycle as a raw material.

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Why ahould we recover fatty acids?

If you are able to produce fatty acids from VGF, you can use them to make new products and return valuable raw materials back to the cycle. Think of products such as bioplastics and proteins for the food industry. At Twence, we are committed to returning as many raw materials as possible to the cycle. Consequently, a circular cycle is created that is made up of raw materials with an organic origin (bio-based economy). It also helps furthers our ambition to be a sustainable company for the region.

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The extraction process for fatty acids

For the extraction of fatty acids from VFG waste, a facility has been designed that has been installed at Twence. The facility consists of a shipping container with a reactor inside. We pump liquid organic waste into the reactor and then allow bacteria to convert part of the organic material into fatty acids. We then separate the fatty acids after a few days. These are then sent to our partners who make products from them, such as bioplastics and palm oil substitutes for soap, for instance.

How does the process work?

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Watch the video about the Volatile project and how we extract fatty acids from VFG waste.


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Fatty acids from VFG waste
Research has shown that it is possible to extract fatty acids from VFG waste.
Nieuwe grondstoffen
New products from waste streams
Fatty acids from VFG waste are suitable for making products, such as bioplastics and proteins.
Biobased economy
Closing cycles
By extracting fatty acids from VFG waste, we are bringing raw materials from biomass back into the cycle. This solution contributes to reducing the use of fossil raw materials, such as crude oil.

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