Keurcompost (Certified Compost)

Twence produces Keurcompost from vegetable, fruit and garden waste. This Keurcompost is a certified product that is produced in accordance with strict criteria. The compost is used as a soil enricher in agriculture, horticulture and the private sector, but also as a peat substitute in the potting soil industry.

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Why use compost on agricultural land?

There are lots of sandy soils in the Twente region that are rapidly becoming impoverished. This means that the quality of the soil is deteriorating. As a result, crops do not grow as well and yields are lower. Together with the network organisation Mineral Valley Twente , we want to improve the Twente soil and close the mineral cycle. The goal is to improve the health of soil in Twente and to transform waste and residues into useful raw materials and innovative solutions to resolve the manure surplus. In the Keurcompost trial garden, we return valuable nutrients and organic matter from vegetable, fruit and garden waste to the Twente agricultural soil. Keurcompost ensures structurally fertile soil by providing plenty of stable organic matter. Stable organic matter binds nutrients, boosts water retention and reduces the burden on groundwater, the source of our drinking water.

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Regional Use of Organic Matter Trial Garden

In the Regional Use of Organic Matter trial garden, Twente farmers are spending three years testing how the use of Keurcompost can contribute to the quality and structure of the soil and to crop yields. Can we improve the soil in Twente this way? What does it mean for the disposal and use of manure? Will I notice an increase in crop yields?

These are questions we are working on in this trial garden. We measure the soil and crop yields every year to facilitate comparisons with other studies. The three-year period is also needed so that other factors, such as the weather, can be largely ruled out and better conclusions can be reached.

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Contributions to the closure of cycles

Every year Twence produces more than 35,000 tonnes of compost that meets the quality criteria of Keurcompost. We are keen to put that compost to good use again on Twente's land, where it is used to grow food for the people of Twente, among other things. The use of Keurcompost on agricultural land is in line with our ambition to contribute to the sustainability of the region and to close the cycles.

Healthy soil is in the interest of us all!

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Healthy soil is in the interest of us all!


Biobased economy
Nutrient cycle
Keurcompost is produced from vegetable, fruit and garden waste. With this compost, farmers return organic matter and nutrients to the agricultural soil of Twente.
Vervanging grondstoffen
Replaces a proportion of animal manure and artificial fertiliser
Keurcompost replaces a proportion of animal manure and artificial fertiliser. When Keurcompost is used, less nitrogen and phosphate penetrates the groundwater than when animal manure and artificial fertilisers are used.
Betere grondstructuur
Better soil structure
Keurcompost in the soil helps foster a more active soil life. The earthworm, for example, likes to pull the plant remains into the soil, thereby improving the structure of the soil. Consequently, worms improve water infiltration and help plants to take root more deeply.

Planning Keurcompost trial garden

1 Autumn 2020
2 2020-2023
3 Autumn 2023

Start of Regional Use of Organic Matter trial garden

The Keurcompost trial garden was launched together with 23 farmers in and around Manderveen and Twickel. The farmers receive Keurcompost once a year, in spring or autumn. The trials runs for three years.

Measuring results

The effect of Keurcompost on the soil is being measured. We assess the health of the soil, its ability to retain water and the crop yield. Together with a number of participants, we are also looking at the effect on the groundwater quality in water catchment areas.

Results of Keurcompost trial garden

The trial ends in 2023. After that, we will be able to tell what the effect of Keurcompost is on the fertility of the soil in Twente.

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"Together we are ensuring that the next generation will also have fertile soil."

Wim de Jong, Strategy & Policy Advisor Twence
Henk Jan van de Riet

"You have to earn it with your soil."

Henk-Jan van de Riet, Agricultural entrepreneur
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Rick Lansink Keurcompost

"By making use of the Keurcompost, we want to keep the moisture balance in the soil at the right level and thereby work in a way that increases productivity with a better quality of the crop. And also not at all unimportant: the compost improves soil health as well."

Rick Lansink, Agricultural entrepreneur
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