Twente Milieu, Twence, and AVIA Weghorst close the regional chain

Allowing Twente Milieu vehicles to fill up with Twence's Liquefied Bio Gas fill at AVIA Weghorst (AVIA). This fuel is a result of the processing of biodegradable waste that is delivered to Twence by Twente Milieu. Three companies with a shared ambition: a great example of regional chain collaboration in Twente. The three parties signed a partnership agreement to this effect today, for which AVIA and Twence will conduct a feasibility study into the realisation of the set ambition in the coming months.

Avia Weghorst Twente Milieu Twence

As leader in the region, Twence wishes to contribute to the realisation of Twente's sustainability objectives. According to Marc Kapteijn of Twence, 'This plan is therefore a perfect fit for our company's ambitions and also underlines our belief that collaboration with companies like Twente Milieu and AVIA are crucial for getting results.' The company produces sustainable energy (electricity, steam, hot water) from non-recyclable waste and the harvesting of raw materials from waste streams, with circularity being ensured as much as possible. The result of a European procurement was that AVIA is the best party to conduct a feasibility study with. If the outcome of the study is positive, this biofuel will be produced from biogas at the Boldershoek location, after which it will be supplied to AVIA. This will enable Twente Milieu to fill up using this biofuel at one of AVIA's branches.

'A collaboration with wonderful companies such as Twence and Twente Milieu provides AVIA with an opportunity to develop state-of-the-art technologies and gain access to new raw materials for the production of renewable fuels and energy,' says Niek Weghorst of AVIA. This is necessary to improve our climate footprint and reduce the use of fossil fuels. All with the goal to create a sustainable society in the long term.
AVIA supplies mainly fossil fuels and wishes to respond to the energy transition. By ensuring full circularity in the production of LBG, this is an innovative way to achieve this. AVIA wants to be the leader in the region when it comes to offering different types of energy for road transport, including biofuels, electricity, hydrogen, and synthetic fuels, such as HVO.

Lisette Bosch from Twente Milieu is happy about the collaboration. 'The idea that in the future we can run our trucks on fuel that was made from the biodegradable waste that was collected from residents of Twente is of course exciting to us. The study suits our ambitions when it comes to innovation and circularity. Additionally, it fits well with Twente Milieu's focus on alternative fuels and the recent signing of the 'Convenant Duurzame Voertuigen' (sustainable vehicles covenant). In total, Twente Milieu's vehicles consume about 1.5 million litres of fuel per year. In recent years, we have already transitioned to GTL (Gas to Liquid), greatly reducing our particulate emissions. But our ambitions don't stop there!' explains Lisette Bosch.