'I love exploring new partnerships'

After several commercial positions in the transport industry, Jeffrey Martinec decided to look for a new challenge, this time outside logistics. When he came across the vacancy for Product Manager, the only thing he knew about Twence was the fact that it processed waste.

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Freedom to put your own stamp on things

'When I looked into the organisation a bit more, I could see there was much more to it. The sustainable aspect especially appealed to me. I knew someone who was already working at Twence, so I phoned him up to inquire about the culture at the organisation.' His answer was the deciding factor for Jeffrey, and so he decided to send in his application.Jeffrey has already been working as a Product Manager in the Sales Department for several years now. The position had only recently been created when Jeffrey started at Twence. 'It was precisely this freedom to put my own stamp on the position that was a good fit for me. Basically, you're responsible for marketing the output of Twence's plants, taking into account legislation and regulations. Examples might include CO₂, which comes from the CO₂ capture plant, and metal and bottom ash, which come from the incineration process. I collect information from the market and convert this into opportunities for Twence. That way, you can also attract work activities. A proactive attitude is appreciated here.'

Jeffrey Martinec

Collegiality to help each other out

As Product Manager within the sales team, Jeffrey often has very specific knowledge. He nevertheless regularly seeks out his colleagues to brainstorm together. 'Just give me a couple of guidelines, and I'll get to work. I'm practically minded, a real go-getter. So when it comes to new material, I immerse myself in it. But it's also nice to occasionally look at things from a different perspective. At Twence, we always make time for that. We regularly put our heads together. There's lots of collegiality to help each other out.'

Always developing

'Twence has the ambition and vision to make the region more sustainable. There are also plenty of developments happening in the market', Jeffrey points out. 'As a result, things never get dull. Interesting developments are constantly emerging in the field of sustainability. With this in mind, I try to open new doors and explore new partnerships. To build something new from there.'