'I can fully focus on innovative projects'

Jeffrey Boom wasn't anticipating that you don't necessarily have to move west to join an attractive company. 'When I saw the Process Engineer vacancy at Twence, this was the first time I had heard of the company. However, the position itself, as well as the interesting processes and the company's sustainability ambitions encouraged me to apply.' One day after coming on board at Twence, Jeffrey graduated as a chemical technologist at the University of Twente.

Jeffrey Boom Testimonial GCOX2395

Interesting processes and sustainability

'Even when I was little, I was interested in industry. When we drove past big factories with chimneys, I was always curious about what was going on inside', says Jeffrey. During his studies, this interest only grew deeper. 'Besides materials science and process chemistry, sustainability also played an important role. For example, how do you ensure that less CO₂ is emitted.' These themes also feature heavily in his current position. 'And the great thing at Twence is that you can immediately witness what you're doing in practical terms.'

Short lines

Jeffrey starts in the Analysis & Optimisation department and is involved in the day-to-day operations of Twence's various plants. 'The direct contact with the various team leaders during the day start ensures short lines of communication. If you see areas for improvement somewhere, you can implement them straight away. The atmosphere at work is pleasant; the Twence mentality is down-to-earth, we just get to work.' He also works on Twence's larger projects one day a week, such as the heat network and steam to Nobian.

Jeffrey Boom

Working on major projects

When, after 3.5 years at Twence, a spot became available in the Innovation & Projects department, Jeffrey decided to apply. He now works five days a week on projects as a Project Engineer. 'This suits me very well. In my previous position in the Analysis & Optimisation department, the work was more ad hoc and therefore more unpredictable, which, of course, made it fun. But I now work in a project team on 3 or 4 long-term innovative projects that I can really focus on. Like the heat network or the CO₂ capture plant. The great thing about this is that it means you can really make an impact in the region.'

At home

'Over the years, I've attended at least one training or course per year. For instance, in my new department, I was able to participate in a personal leadership course right away, which was really instructive.' Jeffrey likes it here at Twence. 'Although I feel really at home here, I also see plenty of opportunities to develop myself and evolve.'