'Making the world more beautiful, cleaner and more socially aware. It all comes together at Twence'

Making the world more beautiful, cleaner and more socially aware. These have always been key drivers for Marjolein Houwer. It all comes together at Twence. By chance. However, it does make her feel right at home as Business Controller at Twence.

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Transition to the waste sector

'I worked as a business controller in the social field for over 20 years', Marjolein recalls. 'I've worked for companies in the service sector, such as greenery and cleaning, that work with people with poor employment prospects.' When she eventually made the switch to a role as financial manager of a waste collection company, she discovered that she still preferred working as a business controller and started looking for a new challenge. 'Even though the waste sector was new to me, I nevertheless found it appealing. So, when I saw the vacancy at Twence for business controller and started to look into the organisation a bit more, my interest was piqued.'

The person behind the CV

From looking at Twence's website and the information contained in its annual reports, Marjolein could see that, in addition to waste processing, a great deal of innovation geared towards making the region more sustainable takes place at Twence. 'At Twence, you can actually contribute to the climate transition. You're part of an organisation with wonderful and innovative projects that contribute to that.' And there was something else that struck her during her job interview. 'Twence also devotes a lot of attention to the social aspect. I had already picked up on this during my job interview: they focused on me as a person, looked beyond my CV and listened to what I had to offer the organisation.'

Marjolein Houwer

Unifying role in the organisation

'As a business controller, your role is to establish a connection between the finance department and other parts of the organisation. This allows you to look forward collectively; in specific terms, this might mean drawing up a financial forecast that provides predictive capacity for the end of the year', Marjolein explains. In doing so, she works in the multidisciplinary teams at Twence. 'It's great fun working towards achieving better results together with colleagues from other fields.'

Investment in yourself

'I completed a master's degree in Finance & Control just before starting at Twence', she says. She would recommend this type of investment in yourself to anyone. 'The knowledge and insights gained during a training course or study programme can often be immediately applied to your work. Which will also allow you to improve the quality of your job. That's why I think it's great that Twence genuinely encourages you to continue developing yourself, regardless of your age.'