Collaborating on Large-Scale Carbon Capture

Collaborating on Large-Scale Carbon Capture

The completion of the CCU project is getting closer and closer. This month, we gradually started putting the CO₂ capture plant into operation. We expect to deliver the first CO2 by the end of the year. How do the two main players, Twence and Norwegian supplier Aker Carbon Capture, view their partnership?

Pim en Ronald 2

"Everyone we talk to agrees: The realisation of this large-scale CO₂ capture plant is an impressive feat," Ronald de Vries, project manager at Twence, starts out. Impressive because of the duration of the project (we started the first plans back in 2017) - because of the huge investment and subsidies we received, because of the innovative technology and construction methods, and because of the many companies and hundreds of people involved.

Preparation in detail
Ronald has been involved since the initial feasibility study. Initially as a project manager, now as a member of the steering committee. Regional Sales Director Pim van Keep of Aker Carbon Capture has been involved for a year. "I'm responsible for practical matters, so that my Norwegian colleagues in the construction team can concentrate on the project," Pim explains. He also serves as a point of contact for Twence's steering committee. "We spent a lot of time preparing. Working it all out down to the very last detail. Again and again. And then sometimes one more time," Pim notes. "We want to work properly and safely," adds Ronald. "This means you have to constantly update each other and check that you are not overlooking anything. This also means working on Saturdays to get all the work permits ready."

Working with confidence
That good preparation is evident on the construction site. For example, in the placement of the columns. Pim: "That was one of the difficult aspects. Once they were in place, it took a lot of pressure off the team." No matter how well you plan, you will always run into unexpected situations. "A beam that is in the way of cables, for example," says Pim. "Then you shouldn't just look at how that situation could have arisen, but solve it together. This approach makes our partnership a success. The same is true for all the other companies that are involved. We are all committed to the same common goal."

Together Towards Sustainability
Soon, when the plant is completed, the cooperation is not going to end. Aker is helping Twence optimise the process. "And we are jointly researching whether CO₂ capture is feasible at the other two lines of the waste-to-energy plant and the biomass power plant," Ronald reveals. "After all, if we want to sell our products - including electricity and heat - in a sustainable fashion from 2030 onwards, we will need to push forward now."