From process management to maintenance

Robert Veldhuis made a career switch a few years ago. "After fourteen years as a CNC turner, I wanted to do something different in the technical field. Twence offered me that opportunity. Now I work as a process operator. It's a great, varied job which I can continue to grow in."

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Off to Twence with his uncle...

As a young boy, Robert was allowed to accompany his uncle to Twence. The enormous equipment made an impression. "I found it incredibly interesting. All that technology amazed me." After completing his MBO vocational training in work preparation, Robert worked for years as a CNC turner for another company. Until he was ready for something new and Twence once again came into the picture. "I read on the website about the traineeship, where you get to familiarise yourself with various parts of the organisation. My uncle encouraged me to apply."

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Acquiring new knowledge

"I first started working as a maintenance engineer and was then allowed to join the team responsible for the major maintenance stoppages." Robert also took various courses to expand his knowledge. He has now found his niche at Twence. "As a process operator in the Composting and Fermentation department, I work together with colleagues to ensure that the composting and fermentation of vegetable, fruit and garden waste runs smoothly. This is where we produce certified compost and new energy in the form of electricity and heat."

A varied job

"What I like about my job is the variety. Every day is different. We don't just manage the process, we also carry out some of the maintenance ourselves. That means that we also get to tinker around with things ourselves. One minute you're busy with electrical engineering and the next with measurement and control technology, for example." Robert also appreciates the training opportunities at Twence. "If you get the chance, you have to keep on learning. You always get something out of it."