'At Twence, you're the one who determines your own growth'

Jasper ten Tije had heard impressive stories from a friend about the magnitude of process technology at Twence. "I was studying laboratory technology at an MBO vocational college, and an internship at Twence appealed to me." That was in 2009. In the meantime, Jasper has progressed from being an intern to becoming a team leader.

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From internship to junior

"I was the first person from my laboratory technology MBO study to knock on their door. The examination committee even had to give permission before I could start my internship. Fortunately, that wasn't a problem.” Both sides were so pleased with the internship that this resulted in a one-year contract after applying for a job. He then started as a junior operator.

From junior to senior

"As a junior operator, I was quickly given a lot of responsibility. That's what makes working at Twence so interesting," Jasper states. "At the same time, you are constantly being encouraged to keep on learning here. Among other things, I took a course in energy technology and learned everything about solid-fuel boilers, turbines and steam technology, for instance. That's how you can determine your own growth at Twence. I advanced from junior, to medior and then senior operator."

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We're there for each other

In the meantime, a new challenge has arisen for Jasper. "Thanks to all the opportunities for growth, I'm now the team leader of a team of ten operators. What I like most is the dynamics and diversity in our team. Everyone has their own specialism, so we complement each other really well. All colleagues are closely engaged and we're there for each other. We just have a very nice team."

A lifetime of learning

Jasper is not yet done with learning. "I like to keep developing myself. That's why I'm now taking a part-time course in Technical Business Administration at Saxion. Twence gives me the scope to do that." The ability to be agile and lifelong learning are characteristics of Twence that Jasper finds important . "As a team leader, I also encourage my colleagues to keep on learning. If we keep challenging ourselves , we will progress."